The shadow film [2001]


Portfolio - Lorenzo


10 Aprile 2016

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Documentary, Italy, 2001, minidv, 22’, col.

Production: Luca Saini, Dario Quattrini


A project by Luca Saini and Dario Quatrini with the collaboration of

Lorenzo De Nicola and Daniele Pagliero.


1971: J.T. Wodash, an italian indipendent director, shoots feature film:

“into my soul, the shadow … “.

An autobiographical story largely inspired by the imprisonment of the mentally

ill in psychiatric institutions-lager.

The intent of this work is already Wodash aesthetic and political manifesto.

The film is a mix of documentaristic realism and fantastic storytelling with strong colors,

which get little success among horror genre fans and let him find a producer which,

under tle label of “Shadow films”, will support all of his movies.

In seven years will be realeased: Cosa pensano le scimmie”, “La piscina”, “L’attesa”,

“The artist”, “Figli della violenza”…


Four photographic works paginated as film 70×100 posters,

represent the posters of four feature films,

produced by an unknown production company, Shadow Films;

a video traces its history through the testimonies of those who have made it part and

a sound system are marked by the narration.

The project, through photography, graphics, videos and soundtracks is an investigation

on the relationship between fiction and reality.

Artist: Luca Saini, Dario Quattrini

Director/dop/operator: Lorenzo De Nicola