Avorio Collection [2003]


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22 Aprile 2016

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Short movie, Italy, 2003, mini dv, 24’, col.

Production: Altera


In a mild spring evening, in the backdrop of a city in the North of Italy, four Moroccan friends live a

strange adventure that seems to change their lives. One of them proposes the others a collective

purchase of an ivory branded suit; according to him is able to give success and self-confidence

to the people wearing it.

The other three, disappointed and upset by their personal life conditions (a subject drug pusher,

an unsatisfied lover, and an alcoholic) accept to go along with the weird notion of their friend,

who eagerly collects the money and leads them to an Italian street trader that sells them the suit.

During the evening the four friends wear the ivory suit in turn,

and run into unforeseeable consequences.

Originaltitle: Avorio collection

Direction: Lorenzo De Nicola, Marco Gatti

Dop: Angelo Santovito

Screenplay: Lorenzo De Nicola, Marco Gatti

Costume designer: Aline Avogadro

Editing: Lorenzo De Nicola, Marco Gatti

Sfx: Fabrizio Bonaga

Sound: Massimiliano Trevisan

Original score: Giuseppe GUPAlcaro, Davide Tomat

Camera Operator: Simon Luca Chiotti

Camera Operatorassistants: Gabriele Gallareto, beppe Gallo

Casting: Morgana Bianco

Cast: ZakkaouiAbdelatif (Kemal), RafikBoubker (Aniba), ElbachirBicherouakine (Idris), AbdissamadGrirane (Jamal), Carlo Frattini (himself), Elena Pasero (the woman in the window), Patrick MasouseMbarek (Kebab take away owner), SilvanoApicella (pusher client), Vincenzo Cicanese (pusher client), MamonaMonongo, Ohuazuruike, Stil, Pedro Kiala (the Senegal gang)

TV SCREENING: 16 dicembre 2005 on la7

Nomination and awards in alphabetical order:


NOVARA FILM FESTIVAL 2004 (best actor),


VIDEOPOLISFESTIVAL 2004 (City fiction award)