Production stage manager, SKY screen force days, directed by Gianlorenzo Mortgat, Integer Group, Köln, (2019)

Production stage manager, Fastweb Vision Meeting, directed by Gep Cucco, Prodeagroup Production, Turin (2019)

Showcaller/Assistant director, Petronas opening ceremony, directed by Gep Cucco, Prodeagroup Production, Turin (2018)

Production stage manager, Fang Fu journey, directed by Lida Castelli, Balich WS Production, Beijing (2018)

Production stage manager, Intimissimi on Ice, directed by Damiano Michieletto, Balich WS Production, Verona (2017)

Production stage manager, Ferrari 70, directed by Anghela Alo, Balich WS Production, Modena (2017)

Showcaller/Assistant director, Dubai water canal opening ceremony, directed by Gep Cucco, Prodeagroup Production, Dubai (2016)

Showcaller, iRead awarding show, directed by Marco Boarino, Moments International Production, Saudi Arabia (2016)

Director, La7, upfront 2016, Prodea Production, Milan (2016)

Showcaller, The CIS Global Business Forum, Prodea Production, Dubai (2016)

Showcaller, Juventus xmas party, Prodea Production, Turin (2015)

Production stage manager/showcaller, 8th Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Award, Prodea Production, Dubai (2015)

Production stage manager/showcaller, TEST MATCH FRANCE/AZERBAIJAN OPENING CEREMONY, Simmetrico Productions, Paris (2014).

Assistant director, THE INDIAN WEDDING, Balich WS Production,  (2014)

Senior Stage Manager, WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES CEREMONIES, FiveCurrents Production, Sochi (2014)

Senior Stage Manager, WINTER PARALYMPIC GAMES CEREMONIES, Balich WS Production, Sochi  (2014)

Production stage manager, NEW HOLLAND dealer convention 2013, directed by Marco Boarino, Filmmaster Events Productions, Rome (2013).

Director/showcaller for the WCM Awards 2012, Rumble Tumble Productions, Cracow (2012).

Senior stage manager for the Wolkswagen Golf showcase, directed by Gianlorenzo Mortgat, Filmmaster Events Production, Valencia (2012).

Production stage manager, Opening Ceremony for Uefa Euro 2012. directed by Bryn Walters, Filmmaster Events Production, Warsaw (2012).

Production stage manager,  Opening Ceremony for new Juventus Soccer Team Stadium, directed by Bryn Walters, K Events Productions (2011). Winner of the 2nd prize of the BEA  (Best Event Award), Turin (2012).

Production stage manager, Opening Media Market: 20 anni da protagonista, directed by Andrea Beretta, Sinergie Productions (2011). Winner of the 1st prize of the BEA (Best Event Award), Milan (2012).

Production stage manager, Opening Ceremony for the MOROCCO MALL. directed by Marco Boarino, K Events Productions, Casablanca (2012).

Artistic director and producer, Premio Luca Pron, photography contest, Liberarti Productions (2010-2011).

Senior stage manager, Opening and Closing Ceremony for the XX Winter Olympic Games, K Events Productions (2006).